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Big Bear Sheepherder® - Heat, Cook, and Bake Stove
A must item for all around use!

Without Warming Shelf With Warming Shelf

Cooking Surface
- 34" x 24"
Fire Box - 12" x 12" x 18"
Oven Size - 18"D x 14"W x 14"H
Weight - 370 lbs.
Overall Height - 32"
Wall Thickness - 5/16" high tinsel plate steel on the top 1/4 high tinsel plate steel everywhere on the rest of the stove airtight construction, brass fittings and handles.
Vent - 6" diameter stack
Heating Space - 1850 - 2,100 square feet

We offer a smaller version of this stove with our Sheepherder Cook, Heat, and Bake Stove


  • Piroceram Glass/Fuel Door & oven door.
  • Magnetic Oven Temperature Gauge
  • Stainless Steel side-mount hang-on 4.2 gallon Water Reservoir
  • Inside & outside combustion air capable.
  • Other models and sizes are also available.

This modern Wood/Coal-burning Heat-Cook Stove with Oven has classic "old-time" appearance and dependability used throughout the world. Emergency exhaust venting is easily accomplished by placing through windows or up a fireplace. Ideal for use as an open-air campstove.

In the event of an earthquake, adverse weather, and the subsequent loss of electricity, how will you cook & heat for your family?

The Big Bear® Cook Stove is an essential part of any disaster-preparedness program. It is very compact with a functional cooking surface of 34" x 24" and an oven size of 18" D x 14" W x 14" H with a lift out rack to make room for cooking large roasts or foul. It is the perfect component to any food storage or survival plan or just to reduce your energy bills.

Without utilities, what will you use for fuel?

With good insulation, storm windows, etc., this modern Cook Stove heats over 1,850 square feet while burning hard wood. Many of our customers burn either bituminous or anthracite coal. Wood and Coal are stored easily and safely. Compare this to flammable liquid fuels! This stove features 1/4" steel plate air tight construction and will last a life time under normal use. Modern technical design coupled with "Old-Time" appearance and dependability, make the Big Bear the best disaster insurance you can buy.

The Big Bear® Cook Stove is a must for every Preparadness Program, will reduce your heating costs, and it's very affordable!

At only $1,595.00, this stove is perfectly priced for those who want to guarantee their family's warmth and self-sufficiency and reduce heating bills. The Big Bear® Cook Stove was designed specifically for disasters.

Made in U.S.A.
Shipped F.O.B. Salt Lake City

Price $1,595.00, Quantity Discounts Available

Sorry, no C.O.D. orders.
Low Freight Rates. F.O.B. Salt Lake City, Utah

Big Bear® Cook Stove (Dark Green or Charcoal)
Price: $1595.00
Additional Front Load Fire Chamber Door with Glass View
Price: $89.95
Ceram Glass in Oven Door
Price: $49.95
Magnetic Oven Temperature Gauge
Price: $21.95
Stainless Steel Water Tank - 4.2 Gallons
Price: $189.95
Stainless Steel Water Jacket - Heats 4-8 gal./Hr
Price: $300.00
Inside & outside combustion air capable
Soot Scraper
Price: $9.95
Warming Shelf
Price: $234.95
6" Oval to Round Pipe Adapter
Price: $13.95
6" Damper to go in Single or Double wall black pipe 5 ft. from Floor
Price: $10.95
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